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Oh happy day, Autumn has arrived!
I love everything about Fall. The colors, the scents, the pumpkin spice everything (hello, coffee)!  A new season means new decor goes up in our house, but my search for Fall decorations always falls short.  So what do I do in that case?  Make my own!   One thing about making your own decor is that you can match it to an existing color scheme if you already have some pieces you like.

So lets get started, shall we?!

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

|Supplies| MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

Step 1 |  Print out your wording (or trace onto tissue paper like I did, makes it a little easier to work with) & layout your design.  You’ll want to space your lettering and picks apart a bit so it doesn’t get too cluttered.

 MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

Step 2 | Place your paper/tissue paper wording on your board and secure the edges with tape.  Using a light colored pencil, trace your lettering, pushing down enough to indent the wood (but not rip the paper).  Afterwards I lifted the tissue paper off and went over the indentations with a white pencil so I could see the lines better.  Go ahead and fill the lettering in with paint and let dry.

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

Step 3 | Using another font of your choice (you’ll want a thick one), make another paper outline for your next word.  Place and secure with tape.  This next part is somewhat tedious, but worth it in the end!  Using a needle nose pliers (this helps keep the nail straight and your fingers safe), place a nail along the first letter.  A few light taps with the hammer should secure the nail, you don’t want it to go all the way through the board.  Continue along the pattern, spacing out the nails approx. 1/2 inch or so (I don’t measure each space, it doesn’t have to be perfect).  After you have finished your pattern, carefully tear the paper away from the nails.  A few small pieces may get stuck under the nails, these are easily pulled out with a tweezers.

 MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

Step 4 | Take your embroidery floss and tie a knot around one of the nails and trim the edge.  I start off by wrapping the floss one time around each nail then onto the next, until I have gone once around the letter.  After that, there is no rhyme or reason, just weave that floss in and out, through and around until your letter looks filled in.  If you are working with a cursive font, you can just continue until your whole word is done.  If there is a break in your lettering (as shown), just tie/knot off and start again on the next letter.  Be careful not too pull your floss too tight, as you want to push the floss downward towards the wood while you are wrapping (leaving enough space on the nail to go over again).

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

Step 5 | Time to turn on that glue gun!  I trimmed most of the ends off my picks, leaving just the pretty stuff.  Place a good amount of hot glue on the back of your pick, then place onto your sign.  I took a few leaves off the pick and added them to the top.  When the glue cools, you are done!  Hang that baby up and enjoy all of your hard work.

My wood came with a string to hang already attached – but if need be, it’s super simple to find a hanging kit at your local craft store & attach.

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

I ended up making 2, because why not!  One to keep & one to gift.  

MamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall signMamaGroveBlog | DIY hello fall sign

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  1. Love, Love, Love! Autumn is my favorite time of year… I wish I had the ambition to just do it. You should have me over sometime for a craft. We are both home! I love all this stuff!

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