Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween lovelies!

Our family started off the weekend on Saturday by attending a Halloween party, so fun!  I loved seeing everyone’s costumes, plus all of the creative food they had.  We began carving our pumpkins there, and finished them at home the next day.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to our local pumpkin patch this year, but luckily our grocery store was stocked up with plenty of options.  We had never bought/carved a white pumpkin before, they are thicker and harder to carve, but oh so cool!
We’ve had our Halloween/Fall decorations up all month long, I always look forward to holidays!  I’m slowly growing my Halloween decor collection (day after Halloween sales/clearance are awesome).  My favorite are the paper bats scattered along our entryway and living room walls.
MamaGroveBlog | Happy HalloweenI’ve got a Power Ranger and a tiny leopard to keep me on my toes today.  Our plans for the night are making tortilla pizzas for an early dinner, then trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  Hadley will do well, her version of “Trick-or-Treat!” is to say “Chocclliitt!”.MamaGroveBlog | Happy Halloween MamaGroveBlog | Happy HalloweenMamaGroveBlog | Happy HalloweenMamaGroveBlog | Happy HalloweenThis girl LOVES to dance.  Anywhere, anytime.MamaGroveBlog | Happy Halloween MamaGroveBlog | Happy Halloween MamaGroveBlog | Happy Halloween MamaGroveBlog | Happy HalloweenThere is a thoughtful meaning behind our dalmatian pumpkin, and it was all Daxxon’s idea.  A sweet dog in our family passed this year, so he wanted to create the pumpkin in her honor.
I think it turned out perfectly.

I hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween…I would love to hear all about your costumes!

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  1. Love love love! So happy we recently met your wonderful family. Cute post and pics!!
    Happy Halloween to you 4! Happy Trick-or-Treating Daxxon and Hadley!!

    1. Thank you! We are happy to have met your family as well, looking forward to building a great friendship. Have a wonderful Halloween! ☺

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