Hadley’s 2nd Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Hadley’s 2nd birthday with family & friends.  How is that even possible?!  It seems like just yesterday I was rocking her to sleep, curled up in a ball on my chest.  Time, you sure are a thief.

Her party theme was donuts & brunch.  I get so excited for birthdays, especially the children’s.  There is something so magical, a day just to celebrate them.  I go a little Pinterest crazy the weeks before, trying to make things extra special.
//Donut Floatie //Dress //Necklace On the menu was brunch-y foods, including this delicious egg bake, pink punch, and a fun donut bar with all the toppings!  We picked up donuts from our local bakery & mixed up homemade vanilla and chocolate buttercream frostings.  It was fun to see all the varieties guests came up with.  So many family members came out to celebrate, in a snow storm to boot!
We have one very loved little girl, that’s for sure.   

The day of her actual birthday we hung out at home and kept it low key.  Kyle came home from the grocery store with flowers for the birthday girl and I about lost it.  It was one of the sweetest daddy/daughter moments I have witnessed.  ♥ ♥
That night Hadley helped make dinner (she loves to cook!), we played tried to play Candyland, and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times… she was all smiles the entire time.  Overall, I think she had a pretty great birthday celebrated with lots of love.



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