BOO!!! We’re back!

Nothing like a 6 month hiatus!
I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and you are enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather we’ve been having  🍂 🍁🍃🍂 (my absolute favorite season!).

I took a pause from blogging to focus on something important; health.  Back in March of this year, the hubby and I decided to take a huge step towards getting healthy and losing weight (something we had always talked about, but never took serious action on, until now).  We switched to a low carb lifestyle, and let me tell you… it has been pretty life changing.  I myself have lost a little over 30lbs so far and the hubs around 25lbs. Not only do we look better, but we feel great!  In the past month we have added in weightlifting and the results I’m starting to see from that are pretty amazing as well.  You can check out my results and follow along my journey here.  I plan on doing a more detailed blog post once I am closer to my goals.

Our summer went by entirely too fast.  The kids spent every minute they could get running around outside. Hadley mastered her scooter, she’s a total pro now.  Daxxon took on another season of baseball and made even more friends in the neighborhood.  And besides doing tons of healthy cooking & meal prepping, Kyle and I had a much needed mini getaway for our 5th anniversary.  We went hiking at Taylor’s Falls and checked out a local sculpture garden.
Now we are well into Fall with Christmas being only 62 days away.  What?!

Onto something a little more current, our visit to the pumpkin patch!  It was a chaotic, sass filled adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Loving these snaps I got of the kids. 

The weather was perfect, 70° and sunny.  We went over MEA break so of course it was super busy!  The kids were eager to find their perfect pumpkin, carefully examining each one.  My favorite type of pumpkins were the Cinderella variety (if you’ve never seen them, google it).  So whimsical and unusual, no wonder they have a fairy-tale derived name.
Our trip didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped, but does it ever?  (In a mother’s dreams!)
Trying to get both kids to sit AND smile for a picture where they are both looking is near to impossible.  Not to mention miss Hadley was full of attitude that day, and very independent.  She was a little upset when she couldn’t pull the wagon full of pumpkins herself…keep working on those muscles, girl!  Hadley was into the smaller pumpkins, while Daxxon was checking out the white ones.  His plan is to turn it into a Dalmatian, like he did the year before.  Love it!
Of course our trip wouldn’t be complete without Hadley falling trying to get out of the wagon and ripping her brand new pants.  Oh, and when you have pumpkins rolling around in the trunk, they may come out stemless, just saying.

Despite the chaos, I loved spending the day with our crew.  After the pumpkin patch we stopped at Minnesota’s largest candy store and let the kids pick out a few treats before making our way to Target to pick out Halloween costumes.
(Are we crazy for buying the kids candy before Halloween?  Maybe.  But it’s all about the experience!)
Looks like we will be having a tiny doctor & a Minecraft Creeper on our hands this year!

So happy to be blogging again, oh how I’ve missed it.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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Hadley’s 2nd Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Hadley’s 2nd birthday with family & friends.  How is that even possible?!  It seems like just yesterday I was rocking her to sleep, curled up in a ball on my chest.  Time, you sure are a thief.

Her party theme was donuts & brunch.  I get so excited for birthdays, especially the children’s.  There is something so magical, a day just to celebrate them.  I go a little Pinterest crazy the weeks before, trying to make things extra special.
//Donut Floatie //Dress //Necklace On the menu was brunch-y foods, including this delicious egg bake, pink punch, and a fun donut bar with all the toppings!  We picked up donuts from our local bakery & mixed up homemade vanilla and chocolate buttercream frostings.  It was fun to see all the varieties guests came up with.  So many family members came out to celebrate, in a snow storm to boot!
We have one very loved little girl, that’s for sure.   

The day of her actual birthday we hung out at home and kept it low key.  Kyle came home from the grocery store with flowers for the birthday girl and I about lost it.  It was one of the sweetest daddy/daughter moments I have witnessed.  ♥ ♥
That night Hadley helped make dinner (she loves to cook!), we played tried to play Candyland, and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times… she was all smiles the entire time.  Overall, I think she had a pretty great birthday celebrated with lots of love.



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Christmas Traditions

♪ ♫ ♬   “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…With kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer…It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  ♪ ♫ ♬

Kids jingle belling; that’s my 1 1/2 year old.  All day “JINGLE BELLS!  JINGLE BELLS!”, the best!  I’m so excited for Christmas this year, especially now that my daughter is a little older.  She can join in on all of the fun traditions and is full of excitement, kids really do make Christmastime magical.  9 more days!!!

This past weekend my hubby planned an out of town date to go see A Christmas Story: the musical.  It was perfect, right down to the hot cocoa, the real life dogs running around on stage, and the snowfall when we exited the theater.  I wouldn’t mind making this a new tradition every year; just the two of us escaping for an evening to catch a Christmas show.  While we were away the littles played games and built a gingerbread house with their grandparents.  It’s so fun to see the decorated candy houses each year.  (I’m thinking next year it would be awesome to invite some friends over for a gingerbread house competition!)

One of my favorite things to do every year is bake Christmas cookies with the kids.  I remember being a little girl and getting so excited to make spritz cookies with my mom, we would color the dough green + add sprinkles to the tops!  This year we made gingerbread men.  Hadley helped me mix up the dough while Daxxon was at school.  She loves to help out with anything I’m doing, so this was right up her alley!  The dough chilled as she napped and I even had time to cut them out + bake them before she woke.  When Daxxon got home from school they decorated away.

Another tradition I’m looking forward to is making popcorn + cocoa and driving around to see all the beautifully decorated houses with lights!  I’m thinking Christmas Eve will be perfect.

What traditions do you have for the holiday season?

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