Kitchen Refresh + DIY Shelves

Yay!  I’m so happy to say we have finally painted our kitchen!  It was the last room in our house with the original plain, flat white paint; I hated it.  There were so many stains and marks on the walls that were not easily washable.  The color we chose is Almond Wisp by BEHR.  We had previously painted our daughters room + entry way with this color & I fell in love with it.

My dream kitchen would have light cabinets, dark flooring, and a beautiful backsplash…but we were working with a limited budget here!  While it’s not a drastic change, it definitely made our kitchen more pleasing and functional for our family.  We got rid of a lot of clutter as well, including our countertop microwave.  When we moved into our home there was an over-range microwave that never worked, so we finally replaced it.  Just having the extra counter space makes such a difference.

  The distressed shelves we created are my new favorite part of this space.  We had searched for shelving for quite a while before deciding to make our own;  never found anything that fit just right.  Everything was either too expensive, or just didn’t fit our style.  Turns out making your own can be fairly inexpensive, and easy too!

We used some maple-wood boards we had lying around from another project.  Kyle cut them down to 3ft long, 6 1/2in width, just the perfect size for our space (we probably could have even gone a bit longer).    After sanding them down, I distressed the boards (how-to found here) & applied one coat of stain.  I finished them off with two coats of polyurethane to help seal & give them a nice sheen.  The brackets we came across at Hobby Lobby, while on the hunt for shelves!

(That detail!)

A few BEFORE photos for reference.  I did get a little too happy prepping the kitchen for paint and took down a lot of old decor before remembering to take photos…oops!

(happy these 2 microwaves ↑➚ are gone for good!)

Have any fun projects going on in your household?  Comment below with details!

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